Send bulk Email or WhatsApp chat, image or document to private or group chat from Google Sheet

Getting Started

  1. Make sure you have Git, NodeJS and npm installed.
  2. Clone repositories and go to the directory
git clone && cd whatsheet
  1. Install your dependencies
npm install
  1. Create google spreadsheet like this
  2. Start
npm start
  1. Login with your google account in browser > “Allow” > copy the code
  2. Paste the code copied from step 6
  3. Paste the spreadsheet url
  4. Enter the spreadsheet range (optional), the default is Sheet1!A2:D
  5. Scan qr code with your whatsapp


  1. Use WhatsApp numbers that have been used normally (reply chats, save contact, join group, send photos, scan qr code on personal whatsapp web, etc) for more than 30 days
  2. Make sure that the recipient knows us or is willing to be sent whatsapp messages
  3. Avoid sending spam / mass messages that are not desired by the recipient
  4. Avoid sending 100% identical messages to multiple numbers

Privacy Policy

User’s security is taken very seriously. The data processed by the WhatSheet is NOT stored or transmitted to anyone for analysis. Not even to WhatSheet.

The WhatSheet however requires the following permissions for it to operate:

  1. View and manage your Google Sheets. This permission is required so that the WhatSheet can send bulk Email or WhatsApp messages. Basically a message for each row in your sheet is sent. Through the WhatSheet you need to select which column in your sheet contains the Email or WhatsApp group name or phone number. You can also personalize each message by entering merge fields into it. The merge fields are made up of headers from your sheet which consists of the first row within your sheet. When you run npm start the WhatSheet will go through all your records to merge the data in your message and send the message it self. Please note that the data in your sheet is NOT stored or share with anyone for analysis or marketing.
  2. Send email from your Gmail. This permission is required so you can send bulk email based on your google sheet data using WhatSheet.
  3. Connect to an external service. This permission is required to connect with WhatsApp in order to send messages. It is also required to be able to log errors encountered by users. This will help us rectify any issues in the system. It will also log general app usage so we would be able to know which features are being used. However no personal or confidential data is stored or shared.
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